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Jump for joy!

A huge congratulations to university student Cheryl Yeo, 23 (above) for winning our first ever ShopperBoard Christmas 2013 contest!

She has won for herself $100 worth of her favourite items from her Christmas Board.


We had a little chat with her about the products she’s picked, her sense of style and what Christmas means to her. Read on! 

1. Which items have you chosen from your wishlist to buy, and why?

Cheryl: They are generally simple in design and give a clean look. I also like that they can be worn/used on casual or formal occasions, which is a double plus for me!


Blazer in White from FASHMOB (+Add to Board)


Neff Hat Daily Cap from Karma Loop (+Add to Board)


Curve Hem Dress from FABRIEK (+Add to Board)


Femmex Necklace from XFEMMEX (+Add to Board

2. Cool! So how would you describe your fashion style?

Cheryl: Comfortable and simple, like some of the products I’ve chosen. But occasionally colourful, too! 

3. Yes, very much like your profile pic. What are your favourite online stores?

Cheryl: Some of my favourites include ASOS, Forever 21 and FASHMOB!


New products added from ASOS.com onto ShopperBoard.

4. So, what do you like about ShopperBoard?

Cheryl: It helps me organize all my online shopping from all the different places and it’s so easy to make my purchasing decisions straight from ShopperBoard after that, which is great!

I can also view the stuff shared and saved by others, discovering new brands and styles that I had not known before.

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5. Last but not least, describe a perfect Christmas Day for you.

Cheryl: Hmm.. I’d like a white Christmas and a whole bunch of shopping from ShopperBoard! :D


Well Cheryl, we’re glad to make part of your wish come true! ;) 

Here’s wishing all you lovelies a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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Happy Shopping! xx

Our favourite flea market in Singapore is back for Christmas! That’s right, Public Garden is now taking up temp residency at TripleOne Somerset, Level 16, from 23 Nov to 15 Dec 2013, 1PM to 7PM

The ShopperBoard team was there last weekend and we sussed out 8 notable stores just for you! 


Watch out for these stores and their lovely knick-knacks this coming Saturday and Sunday (30 Nov & 1 Dec).



Punk Chick (+Add to Board)

Crafted By Hand, Made With Love is their motto. Available in both big and small-sized toys, these adorable thingies just scream HUG ME.

Perfect as Christmas gifts for the little ones or the young-at-hearts. Yes, that’s you. 


Hug Me Wabbit (+Add to Board)

Website | BFFInGoodCompany.com on ShopperBoard



"How to Make Milo Dinosaur" Mug (+Add to Board)

Many of our most popular stores on ShopperBoard are proudly Singaporean, and boy were we glad to chance upon Centerpiece Creation (the owner patiently reminds me that it’s Center with an “er” not “re”).

Creatively marrying art with vintage enamel mugs and tiffin carriers, they’ve created truly unique pieces that will be the perfect “Centerpiece” in every home ;)  


Urban Living Tiffin Carrier (+Add to Board)

Website | CenterpieceCreation.com on ShopperBoard




Floating Platform T-Dress (+Add to Board)

We love products that tell a story. The two owners behind Friends From Afar takes photographs (sometimes Instagrams) of their friends who are living abroad and prints them onto uber-comfy shirts and dresses.

A moment captured in time never looked so hip! 


Red Bricks T-Shirt (+Add to Board)

Website | FriendsFromAfar.bigcartel.com on ShopperBoard



Rainbow Necklace (+Add to Board)

Our penchant for cute little objects only grow by the day. Just look at that smiling cloud/rainbow. LOOK AT IT. It will chase away any gloom during this dreadful rainy season for sure.

We also particularly like the positive messages Gracesmiths weave into their products. 


Grocery Bag with a Statement (+Add to Board)

Website | Gracesmiths.com on ShopperBoard



Red/White Triangle Prints Pouch (+Add to Board)

It’s always heartening to see passion in design and creativity reflected stylishly into everyday products we can use. 

BecauseBecause also earned major plus-points in our books “because” of this Game of Thrones-inspired product (see below).


Winter Is Coming (+Add to Board)

Website | BecauseBecause.sg on ShopperBoard



Elephants Pouch (+Add to Board)

One of the few rare local stores on etsy, all the pouches they do are customisable! Yes, means everything you see there is unique.

Beautiful fabrics for that quirky, fun-loving friend ;)


Reversible Tote Bag (+Add to Board)

Website | etsy on ShopperBoard



A Purrfect Card (+Add to Board)

A regular at flea markets, Ozzy & Lulu certainly made a name for themselves for their asdfghjkl adorable prints on cards, passport holders, notebooks and even iPhone cases! 

As they say, cute can do no wrong.


Birdies iPhone Cover (+Add to Board)

Website | OzzyLulu.com on ShopperBoard



Yellow Leather Tote (+Add to Board)

The good folks at BagStage (we love the name, btw) have a knack of curating some of the finest laptop cases, business bags and accessories.

Only the highest of quality and the trendiest of products are featured here.


Classic Leather Satchel (+Add to Board)

Website | BagStage.sg on ShopperBoard

Public Garden flea market
Date: Sat 30 Nov - Sun 1 Dec
Time: 1 - 7PM
Venue: TripleOne Somerset, Level 16 (3min walk from Somerset MRT)


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ShopperBoard.com is giving you ALL you want for Christmas!

That’s right, here’s a never-before-seen giveaway where you can win EVERYTHING in your wishlist! 

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*The above is only a demonstration. Barbarella does not have an account with ShopperBoard… yet.

FIVE: Save AT LEAST SIX (6) of your favourite items into that Board (you can re-save from others on ShopperBoard OR be original and add items from any online store using the BoardButton here)

SIX: Hashtag your items #christmas so others can discover your wish list as well :)

WINNERS: 3 shoppers who have the most creative and beautiful Christmas Boards will win EVERYTHING** in it!

**Each winner will be given up to $100 each to spend on buying their favourite items inside the Christmas Board. Our ShopperBoard Santa will then personally deliver your wish list to your house! (Not down the chimney of course… unless you really have one)



1) SHARE your Christmas Board URL on your Facebook and @mention our Facebook page in the post, stating: “I want to win everything in my ShopperBoard for Christmas!” (Remember to set to PUBLIC if not we can’t see it)

2) INSTAGRAM a screenshot of your Christmas Board and tag us @shopperboard for us to find you. Also include the text “I want to win everything in my ShopperBoard for Christmas!”

We’ll be inviting a mysterious blogger to judge the Christmas Boards giveaway so stay tuned!

Terms and conditions apply. The images used are for illustration purposes only. The ShopperBoard team reserves the right to change the terms without notice. 


All the very best and let the Christmas shopping begin! :D

You deserve this. 

As our shoppers happily add their favourite stuff from anywhere on the web, we’ve looked through them and found some gems we thought were totally adorbs. 


Here we go.

1. A Peace-Loving Pomeranian Greeting Card


Because “Make Love Not War” is so last century.

If Britney Spears’ songs can be used by the British Navy to scare off Somali pirates, we don’t see why Pomeranian Peace can’t be a thing.

Like this? +Add to your ShopperBoard

2. A Cakes & Burgers Skirt


When too much fast food and desserts aren’t bad for you, it’s chic. 

Like this? +Add to your ShopperBoard

3. A Minions Knitted Bag


It’s a minion. It’s knitted. It’s a bag. 

It’s a minion.

Like this? +Add to your ShopperBoard

4. Assorted Animal Rings


Cats, bunnies and… moose antlers.

It’s as hipster-cute as hipster-cute gets.

Like this? +Add to your ShopperBoard

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5. An Elmo Hoodie


We don’t consider it dorky to proclaim your (loud) love for that adorable red fluff from Sesame Street, especially when it’s something this snuggly.

Look, it’s even happy to see you! 

Like this? +Add to your ShopperBoard

6. A Nostalgic Jotter Book Pillow


For many of us, this brings up memories of 2B pencils, crooked handwriting and eraser marks that tear at the pages.

Good times.

Like this? +Add to your ShopperBoard

7. Earphone Jacks: A CAT-astrophe 


Imagine a cat-zombie apocalypse on your iPhone.

Except that the cats aren’t zombies and it’s not an apocalypse.

Like this? +Add to your ShopperBoard

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It’s SINGApore + temPURA, get it?

Like this? +Add to your ShopperBoard

Want to find out what does +Add to Board means? Check out the magic here.

Have a great week ahead and may your life be continuously blessed with cuteness!


Happy Shopping! xoxo


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